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Don't get ripped off with any property

Don't get ripped off with any property

API members are a guarantee of professionalism and trust. We act with agility, precision, maximum expertise and efficiency in any process of purchase, sale or rental, offering maximum legal coverage in the real estate sector, a sector that must be defended to the maximum in its parameters of rigour and transparency against unfair and unfair competition, both real and virtual and which are constant threats in our sector.

With this premise and with the aim of valuing the APIs as professionals of reference in our sector, the communication campaign of the College of Property Agents of Girona has wanted to bet on a direct and incisive advertising to trust the brand of the College as a synonym of tranquility, good management, professional accompaniment in time and resolution of possible conflicts, doubts, or unforeseen situations that may arise will carry the order. For us customer loyalty is based on a relationship of trust that lasts over time, and this value gives security and therefore maximum protection.

We want to insist and transmit our best emotional marketing. When buying, selling or renting a property, the best option is an API. The most accurate and the most transversal so that the client first and last is convinced that the API brand is synonymous with security and prevention. For this reason we decided on a very visual and direct message thought for the main current channels. The digital ones, since we are present in Youtube, Instagram and Facebook, and also in the radio press and in the buses of the main lines of the counties of Girona (routes with final destination in Cadaqués, Sant Feliu de Guíxols, Figueres, Roses, Palamós, Torroella de Montgrí and Escala) Flyers were also designed that have been distributed among all the real estate agencies to transmit the message.

With the aim of being references in seriousness and permanent adaptation to the necessities of the client and in the effective norm, from the school works to watch over the professionalism of all the agents; and since it is a profession that requires great multidisciplinary and transversal value, from the College we offer of permanent and concrete way all the formation, information and maximum coverage for our colegiados and all their portfolio of clients.

Our direct and sensory way of transmitting the best management, the best support and the maximum guarantees to the client's expectations, whatever their chimeras and most legitimate needs, to the receiver of the ad that does not stick to their fingers is our direct and sensory way of transmitting the certainty that through the API they will find the best management, the best support and the maximum guarantees to the client's expectations, whatever their chimeras and most legitimate needs.

The world is constantly changing and so are the sector and technologies, but the fidelity and professionalism of an API endure over time. What is more important, a good management in time and a good accompaniment in the same will make possible the prevention and security of the client, in his private area, personal property and especially present and future, because if we are clear that we do not want anyone to stick their fingers in the real estate market and in their approach to property life, is that the APIs are the ideal experts to go with the necessary and fair care to preserve the client of everything that is not beneficial, legal, legitimate and professionally correct.

Elena Riart

Head of Communication at the Governing Board of Col·legi API of Girona

and Manager of Finques Riart


(Article published in the Diari de Girona on November 23, 2019)

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